Our core products provide critical operational support to both government and commercial organizations so that team members can instantaneously coordinate, collaborate and manage operations utilizing low cost, easy-to-use and simple to deploy mobile applications.


Our products are available through several re-sellers with existing contract vehicles. Contact us to schedule a demonstration or for more information on how our products work together and package pricing.

Response is a simple to use mobile/web situational awareness system that provides live mapping, messaging and rapid multimedia sharing for resource management, team collaboration, event coordination and incident management.

  • Live location updates of multiple users and GPS tagged assets
  • Instant messaging among individuals and groups
  • Swift collection and sharing of various multimedia
  • Auto-navigation to users and static markers
  • Combine multiple teams or organizations into a single operation
  • Optional integration with Intrepid PTT (powered by ESChat), or carrier provided push-to-talk from Verizon or AT&T

Activate is a simple-to-use mobile/web emergency team notification and callout system. Activate provides persistent and loud notifications with critical GPS location and detailed information needed for a coordinated incident response.

  • Includes push, SMS and e-mail notifications
  • Easy to use call-out tool replacing outdated notification methods such as pagers, spreadsheets, and manual call logs.
  • Quickly create team activation requests
  • Loud, persistent notifications until an acknowledgment
  • Set the incident location and add critical details about the emergency
  • Auto-navigate to the incident location with Google or Apple Maps
  • Callout pre-formatted groups and/or individuals

Intrepid Notebook is a mobile/web application that allows for secure after-action PDF report creation including all of the communications and media shared during the operation for evidentiary, after action and historical purposes.

  • View, download or distribute all information that was collected or shared with you
  • Batch PDF download available for reports, evidence storage, or use in other electronic systems


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