The St. Charles County Police Department started using the Intrepid Network Throw Phone system for Negotiations in 2016.� We wanted to get away from a wired system that had its limitations, and had failed to keep up with current technology. read more

St. Charles County Police DepartmentSgt. Chance Mallett

How did we ever function before using the Intrepid platform? �My critical operations would suffer without utilizing Intrepid on these kinds of major events.

Cypress Creek TX EMSInterview with EMS Incident Cmdr., during the Texas Ironman

We have utilized Intrepid Response numerous times since purchase and it is invaluable to our team. �It has been very beneficial during surveillance, stakeouts and barricade operations. �Intrepid Response allows the officers involved in the mission to minimize radio traffic significantly, all while maintaining a Common Operating Picture that is easy to use, particularly when observing live officer positions on a high quality map. �We also use the system during arrest warrant services at the team level. �The Situational Awareness that Intrepid Response provides has great tactical value, keeps officers safer and simplifies the overall response for our operations.

Columbus Police DepartmentLt. of High Risk Crime & Warrant Operations

Losing you child for a second to 5 minutes is terrifying. �We are able snap a picture of that one and within 5-10 minutes that child is located [using Intrepid Response] …. �I don’t have to scramble and start getting on the radio if they don’t know where the location is [to send the officer to]. �Just to have the line of communication with all law enforcement [on the operation], you can�t put a price on that. Even if the officer can�t communicate, we know where the officer is. You can�t put a price on [Intrepid Response] ….. It�s a life saver.

New Mexico State PoliceInterview with Lt. of Public Event Security Operations