Advanced Situational Awareness

With healthcare and medical facilities growing in size and complexity having instant communications and location intelligence on all medical staff is a must to streamline patient care and help mitigate medical mistakes before they happen. With over 400,000 patient deaths each year attributed to medical errors, that’s why the healthcare industry is making patient safety their number one priority. When medical and supervisory teams need to understand the entire picture quickly, a situational awareness system is necessary to provide real-time geospatial data, emergency notifications, and rapid multimedia sharing for resource management, team collaboration, and incident management. We offer a business-critical solution that’s secure and reliable and can quickly integrate your communications with internal and outside agencies. The simple to use Intrepid Suite empowers your organization to eliminate mistakes and enhance operations to perform at the highest operational potential in an interconnected system of care.

Intrepid Response Platform

The Response platform is a low cost simple to use web and mobile situational awareness platform for day-to-day and emergency operations for the edge user. Live Location, Media Sharing, Team Mobilization, Push-to-Talk Voice Communications all in one easy to use and deploy mobile application.

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Response Platform Advantages

Condense common tools in one simple-to-use platform for unparalleled situational awareness for any operation.

Decrease response times and minimize radio traffic during day-to-day operations and emergencies.

Share secure digital information instantly with individuals or the entire team.

Manage multiple ongoing operations at the same time.

Provide interoperability among disparate teams and organizations.

Communicate. Collaborate. Coordinate.


Geospatial solution feature-rich mapping, view all personnel, tagged assets, markers in real-time


A simple-to-use emergency notification and response team mobilization tool


A multi-layered collaborative workspace that provides secure team communications and sharing of digital content on demand