Due to the massive transfer of people and goods throughout our nation’s land, air, and marine transportation systems, coupled with the sheer volume levels that are predicted to exponentially increased over the next five years. Transportation and fulfillment companies are learning that keeping up with the increased demand all starts with situational awareness. Being able to view, track, and communicate to all assets in real-time so they can accurately predict/overcome obstacles quickly and efficiently.

Intrepid Networks’ Transportation Ecosystem allows real-time GPS locations of all assets visible on a single laptop. Communicate instantly with a single individual or an entire team with a push of a button. Advanced multimedia messaging and rapid team formation all combined to mitigate issues before they arise. Allowing you to work, communicate, and predict as efficiently as possible saving time, money, fuel, effort, and most importantly keeping people safe.


Our entire platform can integrate with external data solutions such as MRM, workflow management or any other geospatial and information collaboration tools.


We enable voice communications within our application suite by partnering with industry leading cellular Push-to-Talk solutions such as ESChat, AT&T EPTT and Verizon PTT+.


Real time user positions, markers, drawings and other geospatial data are layered on high quality road and satellite maps.


Create persistent emergency notifications, form response teams and add critical information needed to respond quickly and efficiently.


Condense the communication loop by rapidly and securely sharing messages and multimedia between individuals or groups.


Create PDF reports and download data containers that capture historical records of all data shared during the operation.


Response is a simple to use mobile/web situational awareness system that provides live mapping, messaging and rapid multimedia sharing for resource management, team collaboration, event coordination and incident management.

  • Live location updates of multiple users and GPS tagged assets
  • Instant messaging among individuals and groups
  • Swift collection and sharing of various multimedia
  • Auto-navigation to users and static markers
  • Combine multiple teams or organizations into a single operation
  • Optional integration with Intrepid PTT (powered by ESChat), or carrier provided Verizon PTT+ or AT&T EPPT


Activate is a simple-to-use mobile/web emergency team notification and callout system. Activate provides persistent and loud notifications with critical GPS location and detailed information needed for a coordinated incident response.

  • Includes push, SMS and e-mail notifications
  • Easy to use call-out tool replacing outdated notification methods such as pagers, spreadsheets, and manual call logs.
  • Quickly create team activation requests
  • Loud, persistent notifications until an acknowledgment
  • Set the incident location and add critical details about the emergency
  • Auto-navigate to the incident location with Google or Apple Maps
  • Callout pre-formatted groups and/or individuals


Intrepid Notebook is a mobile/web application that allows for secure PDF report creation including all of the communications and media shared during the operation for after action and historical purposes.

  • View, download or distribute all information that was collected or shared with you
  • Batch PDF download available for reports, evidence storage, or use in other electronic systems