Effortlessly Manage Your Operation

Defense, Counterterrorism, and Intelligence agents have diverse needs that require a rich set of operational capabilities. We offer a single mission-critical platform with both situational awareness and intelligence tools that’s secure and reliable for operators to deploy in the field quickly. Eliminate multiple disparate solutions which do not interoperate so you may simplify your missions for greater cohesion and information transparency. In use across the globe for day-to-day and intelligence gathering operations. See our restricted products section for intelligence products.

Intrepid Response Platform

The Response platform is a low-cost simple-to-use web and mobile situational awareness platform for day-to-day and emergency operations. Mapping, highly secure information sharing, team mobilization, emergency notification, and Push-to-Talk voice communications all in one easy to use and deployable solution.

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Intrepid Response Advantages

Full intelligence product integration on a highly secure platform.

Share information instantly with individuals or the entire team.

Manage multiple ongoing operations at the same time.

Provide interoperability among disparate teams and organizations.

Condense the common operating picture in one simple-to-use platform for unparalleled situational awareness from the command post to end users.

Integrates in to existing systems.

Communicate. Collaborate. Coordinate.


Geospatial solution feature-rich mapping, view all personnel, tagged assets, and markers in real-time


A simple-to-use emergency notification and response team mobilization tool


A multi-layered collaborative workspace that provides secure team communications and sharing of digital content on demand