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How difficult is it to incorporate Intrepid Response into our organization?

Intrepid Response (IR) requires no (or very little) support from your IT staff to begin operation, other than whatever approval you may need before deploying. Users are generally able to intuitively understand IR immediately, begin using the product quickly, and often without training.

There are other GPS tracking solutions on the market, how is this different?

Intrepid Response is not a tracking solution, but a situational awareness system. IR also provides the capability to rapidly collect and auto-share information. Location of users is only 10% of what IR does, especially considering the amount of optional integrated product solutions available with IR.

Does Intrepid Response require a particular data carrier or device?

No. it will work on any carrier or network solution that has active access to a common server from either Android, iPhone or a browser.

Where is the information stored?

The information is stored on our managed cloud solution (we use U.S. AWS Standard) located in the United States for our U.S. clients. We have additional options for international customers by using an on-premises or cloud servers located in your region. On-premises deployments are also available for any customer.

Why can’t I find IR on the App Store or Google Play?

Intrepid Networks distributes our mobile application products privately as part of our standard security practices.

How long has Intrepid Response been available?

Intrepid Response was first launched to Public Safety organizations in 2012 under the “STING” product name. In August 2017, STING was renamed Intrepid Response. IR represents the next generation of the STING product line with several enhanced capabilities not found in STING.


Lost Intrepid Suite Password?

Just click the “Forgot your password?” link below the login button via the web interface at, or ask your account administrator.

I'm working inside a large structure. Why is my location not as accurate as when it is outside?

Current smartphone technology does not provide or guarantee super accurate indoor location/position. Google and Apple have done great work with their location algorithm that takes wi-fi hotspot triangulation into account. IR utilizes the same location services provided by Apple and Google (Android). We have added some additional location code to tighten the locations and reducing pin jumping on the map. If you are interested in more accurate indoor location, please contact Intrepid Networks for optional custom development for implementing robust indoor location technology into our platform.

How do I install your enterprise App on my iPhone?

Settings > General > Device Management > Intrepid Networks LLC > Trust “Intrepid Networks LLC” > Trust. Then hit the home button.

How do I delete/uninstall an Intrepid application from my iPhone?

Settings > General > Profile & Device Management > Intrepid Networks LLC > and click the “Delete Apps” button

Installing an Intrepid application on Android, how to "Trust the Developer"?

Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Allow

Intrepid Response Support

Why can I see everyone else on the map, but no one can see me?

Verify your GPS polling is not set to “Off” on the IR dashboard, and that your location services are turned on in your Android or iOS settings.

Why aren't my notes syncing from the mobile application?

Your device may be stuck between network connections. Logout and back in.

What Location Settings should I choose?

Choose High Accuracy with WiFi and Bluetooth location scanning, if available.

Why can't I see the map markers that everyone else can see?

Ensure you haven’t disabled viewing map markers by checking the following settings:
For IR Mobile: Map > click the gray box with two white squares (top-right) > “Show Map Markers”
For IR Web: Markers > Menu Arrow > un-check “Hide Markers”

My browser map view is different than my mobile map view - why?

Verify your the device running your browser has an Internet connection. Refresh your browser window. If this does not work, logout of the web application and log back in.

Why can't I see any users on my IR mobile map, but I am logged in, and can see my own location?

Your device may be stuck between network connections. Logout and back in.

When I select Photo from IR on my iPhone, my camera just shows a black screen - why?

You may have missed approving a permission upon initial installation of the application. To verify, follow this: Settings > Sting > Camera (make sure the radio button is in the right/on position)