Waste collection operation management a has many challenges. It requires supervision of multiple moving parts combined with interactions between employees and consumers. Having visibility of the entire operation is critical to utilize resourc­es efficiently and create transparent communication and ac­countability for internal and external clients.

Intrepid Networks Ecosystem can help bring clarity to your operations by providing real-time situational awareness of all assets and personnel in the field accessible on a single laptop. Instant, always-on communication to individuals or entire workgroups with the click of a button. Having the right tools in place can be the difference between profitability and non-profitability and having the insight to address challenges and concerns from reducing costs to operational efficiencies. See how Intrepid can help your company.


Communicate to all staff simultaneously by voice, text messaging, and rapid multimedia sharing condensing the communication loop and reducing response times.


Push-to-talk communications between mobile devices or staff for interoperable, always on instant team communications.


Auto-navigate to locations and add critical details while allowing supervisory visibility on all assets in real-time.


Create persistent notifications and add information needed to respond quickly and effectively.


Securely share images, videos, and text messages in group chat or initiate an instant calls to multiple team members with 1-button convenience.


Easy after-action report creation combining all information shared or collected during the event. Convenient PDF output for easy integration to existing reporting systems.


Response is a simple to use situational awareness solution that provides real-time location data on a feature rich map and rapid media sharing amongst team members all in one tool. Response is invaluable for any dynamic operation when all the field and supervisory users must be aligned on a single electronic common operating picture. Intrepid Response is available on both web browser and native mobile smart device clients.

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  • Live location updates of multiple users and GPS tagged assets
  • Instant messaging among individuals and groups
  • Swift collection and sharing of text notes and media
  • Auto-navigation to users and static location markers
  • Combine multiple teams or organizations into a single operation
  • Optional integration with Intrepid PTT (powered by ESChat), or carrier provided push-to-talk from Verizon or AT&T


Activate is a simple-to-use emergency notification and response team mobilization tool. The solution provides persistent and loud notifications on mobile devices with the ability to add critical information needed for a coordinated response. This includes the GPS location of the incident, a list of responding users and an open text field for additional instructions or operational details. Intrepid Activate is available on both web browser and native mobile smart device clients.

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  • Easy to use notification tool replaces outdated methods such as pagers, spreadsheets, and manual call logs
  • Includes native phone, SMS and e-mail notifications
  • Quickly create team activation requests
  • Loud, persistent notifications until an acknowledgment by the user
  • Set the incident location and add critical details about the emergency
  • Auto-navigate to the scene with Google or Apple Maps
  • Utilize pre-formatted groups and/or manually select individuals


Intrepid Admin and Intrepid Notebook are web/mobile applications that manage team/group formation and auto-collection download all media shared during the operation for reporting.

  • Create, delete, and manage user/groups
  • View, download or distribute all information that was collected or shared during the event
  • Batch and single report downloading features
  • Convenient PDF report output for easy integration to existing reporting systems